Discover how to finally free yourself of depression, anxiety, and toxic relationships by obliterating the unconscious patterns keeping you stuck.

A new method validated in over 20 countries to conquer your fears, rise above mediocrity, and unlock your audacious life!

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This Masterclass is For You If:

  • You feel ashamed of who you are, and you can’t help but think that there’s something wrong with you and that you’re even F** up.

  • You feel aimless and suffer from indecisiveness and lack motivation, as a result, you waste most of your time doom scrolling, playing video games, or doing anything that’s not good for your health.

  • You fall into the the vicious cycle of perfectionism and procrastination, this is usually coupled with fear of failure, so you never take action. You only accomplish something when there's an external pressure.

  • You’re constantly self-sabotaging anything good that comes your way.

  • You don’t have a clear idea about who you are, there’s an inner void and you’re constantly seeking validation.

  • You see yourself getting into the same kind of toxic and codependent relationships over and ever again.

  • Relationships feel like a game filled with manipulation and you have to constantly protect yourself.

  • You feel stuck in the past and unable to move on from that breakup.

  • When it comes to routines and work you tend to be all over the place or you swing to the other side and treat yourself with strictness and tyranny.

  • You feel like there’s something unique you could give the world but you’re afraid of failure and don’t even know how to start.

  • You allow fear to get in the way of you asking that guy or girl out and pursuing your dream job.

  • There’s the feeling that life happens to you and you're out of control.

  • The voice of your parents became an internalized inner critique that is constantly watching over your shoulder and judging everything you want to do.

  • You constantly feel judged by others and anger often gets the best of you.

  • You often catch yourself daydreaming and you feel like you’re pretending to be an adult, but have no idea what is going on.

  • You often resort to food, alcohol, or p**n as a coping mechanism.

Katabasis - The Shadow Integration Manual - 97 USD

  • An introduction to all of Carl Jung’s key concepts - Attitude, Ego-complex, the compensatory and complementary relationship between conscious and unconscious, the personal and collective unconscious, archetype, complexes, persona, soul, and the self.

  • All my insights from having analyzed people from over 20 countries.

  • The Psychodynamics of shadow integration, complexes, projections, neurosis, and psychosis.

  • How to avoid the 2 greatest enemies of shadow integration.

  • How to unlock hidden talents and your unique sense of meaning and purpose.

  • The Symbol formation process and the transcendent function.

  • The Complex Workbook - a step-by-step guide for engaging with complexes and coming to terms with the unconscious.

Conquer The Puer and Puella Aeternus - 97USD

(Bonus #1)

  • A roadmap to overcome mommy and daddy issues, both in men and women.

  • The function of the mother and father complex and how to overcome it.

  • Practical solutions to overcome the Puer and Puella Aeternus, aka the Peter Pan syndrome or the man-child.

Demystifying Jung Crash Course - 47USD

(Bonus #2)

  • An introduction to all of Carl Jung's work - An extra 2hrs of in-depth content:

  • The Individuation Journey.

  • The Psychological Types.

  • The Art of Dream Interpretation.

  • Active Imagination.

  • The Animus and Anima.


(Bonus #3)

Cut through the haze!

I intend that you also become self-sufficient, that’s why you’ll also receive my book “PISTIS – Demystifying Jungian Psychology”.

This is a studying compass that covers the main ideas of Carl Jung’s Collected Works simply and concisely.

Lastly, it contains a carefully curated reading guide that can save you years of struggle.

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Get your Shadow Work Manual and All The Amazing Bonuses with 90% Off!

Katabasis means a metaphorical journey and descent to the underworld, where the hero has to conquer his own darkness and redeem his soul.

Do you dare?

From 267USD to Only 27USD

I'm Rafael Krüger and I've been working with people from all around the world with individual analysis and live workshops since 2017.

So far I've reached over 20 countries and counting!

- Post-graduated in Depth Psychology

- Post-graduated in Analytical Psychology

- Mod at r/Jung

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What is the course format and how it will be delivered?

Katabasis is a pre-recorded 2hrs masterclass, it's paired with extra reading material and a reading guide. Everything will be delivered by the trust-worthy Systeme platform.

Do I need previous psychological knowledge?

No! Everything is taught with a simple and engaging language that anyone without psychological knowledge can follow, starting from the basics.

For how long can I access the course?

You'll have full acess for 2 years to watch as many times as you wish.

Disclaimer - This course doesn't substitute psychological treatment. Use this information at your own discretion.

Live an Audacious Life - Rafael Krüger

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